Pradhan Mantri Modi Launches BHIM Aadhar Payment App for Merchants

Taking one more step ahead towards “Cashless India” meaning the people will use “Less Cash” for making payments, Pradhan Mantri Shri. Narendar Modi had lauched a new Aadhar Payment App for Merchants to encourage them for “Cashless transactions.” In this article we will tell you “What is BHIM Aadhar Payment App” or “BHIM Aadhar Pay App,” How to download BHIM Aadhar Payment App, how to use BHIM Aadhar Payment App, and Benefits of BHIM Aadhar Pay App. .

What is BHIM Aadhar Payment App?

It is another app that connects buyers and sellers to contribute to cashless India. It is a new Android App launched by PM Modi today. You can download this app from Google Play store on your Android smartphone. This app will allow merchants to accept payments from those people who do not have Credit cards, debit cards, or payment wallets. But, they have a Bank account and an aadhar card that is linked with the Bank. So, this BHIM Aadhar Pay App will encourage people to make payment through Digital medium even without any type of card but the Aadhar Card.

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IDFC has already launched Aadhar Linked Payment App. You can read about IDFC Aadhar Pay App here and can download Aadhar Pay App as well.

How BHIM Aadhar Payment App Works?

With the BHIM Aadhar Pay App, merchants will need to connect a biometric reader, which can be purchased easily from the market for about 2000-2500 rs only. Once the Aadhar Pay App downloaded from Google Play Store has been installed and connected with the biometric reader, the customer will need to provide his/her aadhar card number to the merchant.

The merchant will enter that number in the BHIM Aadhaar Payment App, and then request the customer to mark a THUMP IMPRESSION on the BIOMETRIC reader. Now, the app will contact the buyer’s bank, match the aadhar card number and thumb impression, and upon success, the Payment will be deducted from the Buyer’s account and transferred to the Merchant’s account.

For detailed Step – by – Step Process, read here How to use BHIM Aadhar Payment App?

Benefits of BHIM Aadhar Payment App

  • Cashless India
  • Fast and instant money transfer from buyer to merchant account
  • No transaction fee as in Credit Card, Debit card, etc.
  • Buyers do not need to carry even a smartphone, or a card
  • Buyers do not need any application or password; they just need to carry aadhar card with them
  • Highest security as buyers and merchants are connected via a database that’s automatic and fast
  • No need for Credit Card, Debit card, or payment wallet
  • Buyers will not have to pay 2-3% of transaction charges to the merchant
  • There is no high-speed internet connectivity required
  • No need to invest in POS machines; just a biometric reader for thumb impression and this costs about 2000-2500 rs only

How to Download BHIM Aadhar Payment App – Aadhar Pay App at Goole Store?

You can download the app from Google store. Click here to know the process to Download BHIM Aadhar Payment App and install BHIM Aadhar Pay App.

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