How to Make Payment for IGNOU Term End Exam Online

After submitting assignments, you are eligible for IGNOU examinations, and you have to fill examination form and submit the fees. The details to fill up the form and to make payment for IGNOU Term End Exam Online are given on the below link:

The latest news is that the last date of accepting the term end examination form has been extended from 31/3/2017 to 30/4/2017. After the last date, the candidates will have to submit late fee along with the examination fee for term end examination June 2017.

How to make Term End Exams Payment Online for IGNOU

Payment can be made using Debit Card (Visa, Master or Domestic) or Credit Card (Visa, Master or Re-Pay-Domestic). For making payment through Credit Card, an additional amount of 0.85% will be added to the amount paid, and if you are using Debit Card, 0.70% will be added for transaction up to 2000/- and 0.90% for payment above this value i.e. 2000/-.

Perform the below steps to understand the process of making Payment for IGNOU TERM END EXAM

Step 1 – Click this link for making payment for IGNOU:

IGNOU Term End Exam Payment Online

Step 2 – In this form, first of all, fill up the Programme code in the given column. Then enter your enrolment number and select mode of payment: Through debit card or credit card. Then, click on Submit.

Step 3 – You will see a new form to be filled with details like date of birth, enrolment number, course codes, etc. Fill this form with all correct details that are required to appear in the exam.

Step 4 – After filling up the form, click on Submit. A preview and confirmation form will appear.

Step 5 – Carefully read that form and make sure that all the details that you have entered are correct.

Step 6 – If you notice anything is wrong, then click the Back to Examination Form button so that you can change the details in the form.

Step 7 – If everything is fine then click the Pay Now button. When you click this button, you will get a Transaction reference number. It is very important so note it or just capture the screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Save this screenshot anywhere in your PC for later use.

Now, you will see the Payment screen where you will have to select a payment option.

Step 8 – Select a payment option and based on the option you will select, you may need to enter some details like Mobile number, credit card/debit card number, etc.  Fill the payment form carefully.

Depending upon the Payment option you will select to make IGNOU Term End Exam Payment, you will be redirected to the related website.

Suppose you select Credit Card, then you will be redirected to another website where you will have to enter the requested information. Enter the details to make the final Payment for IGNOU Term End Exam.

Step 9 – You will see the filled form finally that you can print for future reference.

This is the whole process of making IGNOU Term End Exam payment online.

In the case, you get an error message after the payment has been processed and the money has been deducted from your account, you need to wait for 24-48 hours. If the payment was a failure, you may receive a message about the same and the amount will be added back in your account. However, if you do not receive any message and also there is no refund, then it means the payment was successful but due to some technical reason you had received the error. In this case, do one of the followings when you may IGNOU Term End Exam payment online:

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