How to Link your Aadhar Card with PAN Card

Adhaar card is a valid national document which is expected to become compulsory in each and every government process in the coming years. Recently, Government announced that Adhaar is mandatory to file IT returns and PAN card making as according to Finance Bill 2017. From 1 July 2017, you have to link Adhaar card to the PAN card. This linking will curb tax evasion through the use of multiple PAN cards and hence will reduce corruption. This step will also ease the process of paying taxes thus preventing the taxpayers from a lot of trouble.

Process of linking PAN card and Adhaar Card

To link PAN card and Adhaar card, register yourself on the website of Department of Income Tax by clicking on this link:

Link Aadhar Card with PAN Card_New-min

After registration, log in to your account using User ID and password.

PAN Card Link with Aadhar Card_New-min

Once you are logged in, select the option Profile settings in the Menu bar.

You will find a selection to Link adhaar card, click on this option.

Now fill your adhaar number and captcha code.

After you have filled all the necessary details in the given columns, select the option: Link adhaar.

You have successfully linked your Adhaar card with your PAN card. Now, if your mobile number is registered with Adhaar, then after this linking of Adhaar card with PAN card, you can e-Verify your IT return using Adhaar.


The details printed on the Adhaar card should be the same as on the PAN card document. If there is any discrepancy, log on to Adhaar website for a change by using a scanned copy of PAN card. As soon as, the details like name and date of birth on Adhaar card and PAN card match, you can link both the documents quickly using the above process.

You can check the process of Updating Aadhar Card Details by clicking on this here. If this process has helped you, share it with your friends too.

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