How to Download BHIM Aadhar Payment App –Install Aadhar Pay app?

Pradhan Mantri Modi had launched BHIM Aadhar Payment App today to provide merchants a POS free payment accept system that does not need any credit card, debit card, or pay wallet.

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How to Download BHIM Aadhar Payment App

You can download BHIM Aadhar Pay App from Google Store one the app is made available there. It has already been launched and can be downloaded by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store in your Android Mobile phone or you can also visit
  2. Once you are on the Play store, type BHIM Aadhar Pay App or BHIM Aadhar Payment App in the Search box at the top.
  3. You will get the app listed.
  4. Select the app and Download it in your Android smartphone.

This is how you can download BHIM Aadhar Pay App (also called BHIM Aadhar Payment App).

How to Install BHIM Aadhar Payment App

Installing an app in android phone is very easy. When you click the Download button, your phone starts downloading the app and once the download is completed, it automatically starts installing the app. When the app is being installed, you may be asked to provide some information and allow some accesses to the app. Go ahead and allow the access. Your app will be installed within a few seconds.

Now you can use this app.

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