How to Check Status of IGNOU Term End Exam Payment Made Online

Sometimes when you make payment of IGNOU Term End Exam Online, money gets deducted from your account but instead of getting the “Payment Success Message” you get an error that “We could not process your payment.” In such a case, you just need not to feel panic but wait for at least 24-48 hours, as you have made payment using a Credit Card, and if the payment was a “REAL FAILURe” it will come back in your account.

However, if you do not receive your payment back to your credit card within 24 to 48 hours, then execute the below steps to Check Status of IGNOU Term End Exam Payment Made Online.

Steps to check status of IGNOU Term End Exam

Step 1 – Click on this link: to check the status of Exam payment or your form is submitted finally or not.

Status of IGNOU Term End Exam Payment-min

Step 2 – If you have filled the examination form, click on Check for status, if already registered link at the bottom of the screen next to the Proceed to Fill Online Examination Form button to check whether the fee is submitted or the form is accepted or not after 24 to 48 hours of submission.

Step 3 – You will be sent to the below page where you have to enter your IGNOU the Enrolment number.

IGNOU Term End Exam Payment -min

Step 4 – After you have entered the Enrolment Number, click the Submit button.

Step 5 – On clicking on Submit button, you will get a control number and date of submission confirming that your form has been accepted successfully after the exam payment.

In the case, you do not see a successful payment confirmation and also your money have not been reverted back in your account, we suggest you to visit IGNOU regional center and discuss the issue with them. You may want to carry the required screenshots of the Payment / transaction references.


A Transaction Reference number is given at the time of payment during filling up of form that should be noted for the future in case of any discrepancy. You can track the transaction status using the banking website. You have to give the username and password on the site and then find your transaction code. The transaction status will be shown. By entering the transaction code and entering the other details, click on check status.

So, this is all about checking the Status of IGNOU Term End Exam Payment Made Online to be sure that your payment has been submitted successfully, and you should receive the exam details at your address.

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