Yogi Adityanath Yojna – Anti Romeo Squad Built in UP and Started taking Actions on Sadak Chaap Romeos

Just after the chief minister took oath in UP, he moved to keep his another promise to form ‘Anti Romeo Squad’ to protect women from these rogues and prevent eve teasing on the roads.

In Meerut, Lucknow, and Peelibheet on Tuesday, i.e., on 21 March 2017 this operation was successfully implemented when these ‘Anti Romeo dal’ were out on the roads in the front of educational institutes, Cigarette and pan shops, pastry shops and caught these Romeos who were hovering around these places. These scoundrels were picked for questioning and taken to the police station where their parents were called to inform them about the activities of their broods. Finally, they were released after intimidation, and if caught again, they will be severely punished.

Key points of the UP government Yojna

All police stations will have one Anti-Romeo Squad consisting of two lady constables, two gents’ constables and a Police sub-inspector.

Persons who are found guilty of crimes against women like eve teasing and rape will be punished according to ‘Punk Act’.

Under the Yogi Adityanath Yojna, Police Superintendent will inspect the working of the ‘Anti Romeo dal’, and if officers or staff are not found working properly, they will be strictly punished.

Many Hindu communities are of the opinion that this ‘Anti Romeo Squad’ is created to rein ‘Romeo Jihad’ in which girls are forced to change their religion by her groom and in-laws.

These squads will be created in 11 districts of the Lucknow zone, and may be all over UP to stop the crime against women especially Teasing and Ched Chad that has become very common around schools, colleges, and in the market places. It will help women of UP take an easy breathe when going out of their homes for study or shopping or offices.

This is an amazing step and really admirable by the UP Government and this should be turned into a UP Government Yojna so that it keeps going on.

Undoubtedly, a substantial measure was taken by Yogi Adityanath to protect women against molestation, and if it works as desired, this is going to reduce the crime against females that are at the peak of the last few years. This UP government scheme is the need of the day.

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