Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna – A Boon for People living in Village Area

Ministry of Rural development started a new scheme ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna’ on 25 Dec’ 2000 which was funded by the Central government. It aimed to provide road connectivity to all villages in hilly, tribal and desert areas. This yojana involves building 1,46,185 Kms in the countryside and renovation of the existing 1,94,130 Kms in these regions. The charges of renewal will be paid 60% by the central government and 40 % by the state government.

Benefits from PMGSY – Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna

  1. This scheme has increased the personal, social and commercial connectivity of the people of rural areas. Now, the rural folks can go to remote areas to sell their products, and the companies can reach the rural retail stores to promote their business in these regions.
  2. Moreover, these roads have provided easy access to schools and colleges. One road connecting through NH-57 is a great link providing connectivity to students who can reach their education hubs by their vehicles. Persons living in Katara can travel easily to other parts of Bihar
  3. Even journalists are benefitted from the government decision of providing connectivity to these villages as these areas are now accessible for them to make reports.
  4. This scheme has provided employment opportunities to villagers who can now move long distances in shorter time to earn a living. It can provide long-term poverty solutions.
  5. These roads are made for all weather purpose so the villagers can walk easily even in the rainy season when the mud track was slippery when there was no construction, and it was hard to walk on it.
  6. In many remote areas, taxi services have been introduced to enable villagers to reach far off places for trading and other purposes.
  7. These swift roads have made it easy for children and older adults to walk on it.
  8. Construction of roads has provided employment to rural youths, and hence the problem of unemployment is being encountered with this new approach.

This scheme was formulated with positive aspects, and it has generated a great response, but the execution of the plan is slow in certain parts that has created some mixed response along with dissatisfaction among the villagers.

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