Madhya Pradesh Government Scheme – Liquor Ban in Madhya Pradesh

A very bold step has been taken by Madhya Pradesh Sarkar – Shri, Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s government to ban Liquor in MP near 5Km of Narmada River.

Consumption of Liquor has created a lot of nuisance in recent years. Drinking alcohol is not only injurious to a person’s  health but also it jeopardises others who are innocent. Many road accidents occur due to drunken driving, and a drunkard person is more inclined to committing crimes than a reasonable person is.  To stop this menace, Supreme court ordered to shut down liquor shops around 500 metres of state and national highways and state government of Punjab, on the same line, also announced a ban on Sharab (alcohol). Now, Madhya Pradesh government declared sharab ban within 5 Km range of Narmada to create a deaddiction and healthy society.

Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh said that drinking alcohol is injurious to health and disturbs family life. He added that he would spend crores of rupees for cleaning of Narmada River. Around the river, there will be tree plantation to create verdure. Farmers will be given a relief fund of 20 thousand per hectare for three years for planting fruit-trees. Both Revenue department and forest department are instructed to plant trees on their land to implement Madhya Pradesh Government Scheme.

The shutting of liquor shops around the Narmada will result in loss of crores of rupees to the government, but MP government (Madhya Pradesh Sarkar) is ready to pay for the damage to save the state from the ill effects of liquor consumption. ‘Shivraj Sarkar ki yojana’ will be a huge success in future and can lead to the reduction of alcohol use all over the state.

There is a mixed reaction among people on this issue. Obviously, people associated with this business are not happy with the decision as their business will suffer. And the other category is of persons consuming alcohol, who will not accept this decision of the government as a right one. Above all these controversies, anything that is affecting public health and is not good for the public well-being, in general, should be banned and hence ‘Sharab ban around Narmada’ is commendable.

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