Liquor Ban in Punjab by Captain Government – A Good Decision but a Shock for Sharabis and Sharab Seller

After a great win in the Elections, Congress party has taken a bold step toward accomplishing its promises. And, the very first step stake by Captain Government in Punjab is of Liquor Ban.
Yes, Liquor Ban has been done in Pubjab, and is really shocking for Sharabis and Sharab Sellers out there.

The point to note here is that the Punjab Government had promised to put a control on Nasha In Punjab, and by taking this step, they had Ban Liquor in the highway regions.

Yes, Liquor has not Ban in the Whole Punjab but only in the 500 Meters from the National Highway. Though, it is a small step, it is appreciable as it will provide a lot of benefits. Let’s read more on it below.

Why Liquor Ban in Punjab by Captain Government Is A Necessity

National and state highways are busy roads with speedily pacing vehicles, and it needs a lot of attention of the driver to go safely on the roads and avoid accidents. Recently, many traffic accidents are reported on these roads due to reckless driving of the drunken motorists. It had led to the loss of many lives and damage to belongings. Punjab government prohibited the operation of all liquor trades within the area of 500 meters from state and national highway to stop this mutilation. Captain government of Punjab has approved the excise policy related to this issue.

According to the excise policy of 2017-18, liquor sale shops will be reduced from 6,384 to 5900.
Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh took a vow as the chief minister of Punjab on March 16 with the promise of unfettering Punjab from the addiction of liquor and on 18 March 2017, the news that ‘Captain Sarkar bans liquor in Punjab’ became the headlines of the newspapers.

In Punjab and Haryana, one liquor shop is available at every two to three kilometres distance, and as such drunken driving is the cause of accidents on these roads. A person habitual to drinking cannot control his urge to consume alcohol when the shops are visible on the roads. When such person drives on the road after drinking, accidents are inevitable. ‘Sharabbandi in Punjab’ is an admirable announcement made by the government to stop this menace.

It is hoped that this situation will be controlled by the decision of Punjab government to ban liquor shops within 500 meters of state and national highways. Though drunk driving is the primary reason of road mishaps in the country, accidents on the highways account for about 50% of the total misfortunes and so the step of the liquor ban in Punjab by the State Government in this direction is commendable.


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