Delhi Government Scheme – Soon People of Delhi will Pay for Parking – Free Parking Will End Soon

For the sake of convenience, everyone wants to have his mode of conveyance. On the one hand, it has provided accessibility while on the other, it has led to many issues like increased pollution, overcrowding and parking issues. Delhi government while seeking a solution to this problem, introduced paid parking in Delhi. Soon, residents of the national capital, enjoying free parking will have to pay for it. A draft has been prepared by the transport department which will be implemented in one month.

A committee set up under the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Mr Anil Baijal, was authorised to make a parking policy that can hold overcrowding, halt illegal parking and provide safety on roads. Transport department will submit a draft of this Delhi government scheme, and different shareholders or investors will be consulted on this draft in the coming one month.

The main points of the Delhi Government Policy for parking are:

  • Parking on footpath will be prohibited.
  • ‘No Parking’ zone will be constructed on the roads on the advice of local public and traffic police.
  • Persons who want to park their vehicle for the whole day will be asked to park at ‘Multilevel Parking lot’.
  • It is suggested in the draft that the facility of free parking should be banned from now onwards and paid parking will be there in residential areas.
  • Parking charge will be decided depending on the demand in a particular area.
  • Traffic police constables and other appointed personnel should keep a strict watch on parking places and persons who illegally park their vehicles must be severely punished.
  • It is said in the draft of the policy that the breadth, density and connectivity of the road must be kept in mind while making a parking space on it.

So, Some delhites will be relieved by this new policy of paid parking in the national capital while those who were enjoying the free fun of parking their vehicles till now, may have to pay its price now.

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