Delhi Government Scheme – Aam Aadmi Party initiative to Turn Delhi into London in Next One Year

Since the people of Delhi have given the command to Aam Aadmi Party, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Mr Manish Sisodia, and the Team are working hard to provide as many facilities as they can to the people of Delhi. Starting from the highest budget of education, free water up to 20000 ltr, subsidy in electricity bills, and skills center, now the Delhi government is all set to record a win in MCD elections. And, make it sure that the people of Delhi support AAP, Mr Arvind Kejriwal had announced that AAP would turn Delhi into London. This announcement was made at the Uttam Nagar during an inauguration of a Delhi Government Scheme for sewerage system.
He said that BJP’s MCD has been ruining Delhi. They are not doing anything good for the people, so the time has come to throw them out and give all responsibilities to the AAM AADMI PARTY. And, we will show you that within one year – Delhi will turn into London. Provide us with all 272 seats, help us win MCD elections, and see Delhi becoming a place of your dream.

Support or throwback for this initiative

Here, everyone reading to this scheme of Delhi Government must be excited to know how this can be done because there is a huge difference between Delhi and London per cleanliness, education, and so many other things.
Some people, mainly the supporters of opposition parties, are saying that it is not at all possible to make Delhi like London. This cannot even be done in 10 to 20 years, then how Mr Kejriwal will do this in just one year. Is there any bulletproof Delhi Government Scheme or Plan to get this done?
So, at the point, some misunderstandings need to be cleared about his remark on Delhi to London. The clear intention of using the phrase “hum Delhi ko London bana denge” is related to the cleanliness. Today, the condition is worse. Clusters of the garbage can be seen in many places leading to diseases like Malaria, dengue, etc. MCD has not been doing a good job; hence, help AAP record a win in MCD elections, the AAP team will work harder to ensure the cleanliness while supporting the Pradhanmantri Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.
The drive to support Pradhanmantri Swatch Bharat Abhiyan has already been started by making public toilets in a huge number, and now there is the need to keep the streets clean and properly use the Bins. And, this will be done when AAP will get hold on MCD.

Now, it is up to the people of Delhi if they want to see a clean Delhi like London or want to bear the load the garbage clusters. As of now, there is no Delhi Government Scheme to turn Delhi into London, but if AAM AADMI PARTY wins MCD elections, there can be a scheme / plan / yojna to get this done. 

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