Central Government Scheme – Aadhar Card and Phone Made Mandatory by UGC in Degree

Aadhar card has become necessary in almost every field. The government is trying to make an adhaar card, the most appropriate document in the whole country. Recently, the University Grants Commission issued a notification to all universities stating that the degrees of students should have a photograph and the adhaar number printed on them. It will undoubtedly provide a unique identity to the student.

Government’s motive behind Making adhaar card and phone mandatory and its benefits

The purpose of this central government scheme is to check frauds and use of fake degrees. UGC secretary, Mr Jaspal Sandhu said that the certificate issued would also have the mode of study, whether it is regular, part-time or distance mode and the name of the institute. The Vice Chancellor are instructed to give right information on the certificates or degrees as the students are going to use these documents throughout their lifetime. This feature will bring transparency in the field of higher education. The need for verification will be wiped out if the mark sheets have the security features. Also, the chances of duplication will end.

More about the Aadhar Card and Phone Made Mandatory by UGC in Degree

As Adhaar card has biometric details of a person, not only it provides a Unique identity to an individual but also its misuse is next to impossible. The use of Adhaar card in education will decrease the chances of fraud, and also it ensures that all students should possess adhaar card because no student will get degrees without adhaar number.

Besides degrees, all certificates and mark sheets should be linked to the adhaar card or have an adhaar number printed on them.

Also, the educational institutes applying for recognition should have a standard, and the schools that have approved should maintain those standards and work for further improvement of the Institute.

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