BhagyaLaxmi Yojna of Up Government – New Born Girl Child will get Bond of 50000 rs

A new scheme by Yogi Adityanath is being launched in June 2017 for the welfare of the poor girls of Uttar Pradesh. The Women Welfare Department is instructed by the state government to make the layout of this scheme.

Features of Bhagyalaxmi Yojna

Any girl taking birth in a low-income family will receive a bond of Rs. 50000 .

Under this scheme, the girl will be benefitted from her birth until she completes her education.

The UP state government will provide the amount to the girl child in instalments:

Rs. 3000 will be provided when she will enter in 6th class
She will receive Rs. 7000 at the time of admission in 10th class
Rs. 8000 in 12th class
Rs. 32000 on the date of entrance in graduation

The officers of Women Welfare Department are instructed to study the outlines of this scheme in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and other states. This plan will be made on the same design as the previous ones. The new budget may include the amount to be expended in this new scheme. The National health mission and health department are asked to provide an average of the birth rate of girl children to calculate the total amount needed for the plan. The whole process of UP government Yojna will be made easy so that maximum persons can take its benefit.

Before elections, Yogi Adityanath had promised to make Uttar Pradesh a better state, and he also assured that he would work for the improvement of the people. To keep his promise, he launched many schemes in the past few days, and now he is going to start a new proposal or plan to help the girl child of financially weak families so that the child can get a good education and a secured future.

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